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Summer menu


SAVVA restaurant opened in 2015. It is housed in the Metropol Hotel. The restaurant is named after the hotel’s founder – the legendary benefactor Savva Mamontov, whose ideas changed the face of Moscow in the early 20th century.

The restaurant premises were originally a coffee house operating in the Metropol Hotel since 1905. It was decorated by the famous designer Ignatiy Nevinsky. Historical interior of the coffee house with its classic marble columns, wall and ceiling paintings, has been left intact. However today this place is an environment created by young free spirit experimentalists.
The restaurant’s main entrance is now at Teatralnaya Square. SAVVA has turned from a hotel facility into a trendy city restaurant. The historical record has finally been put straight.

The Metropol has always been one of the favourite spots for locals, and not only visitors of Moscow. It hosted various events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. It was a perfect place for business meetings, romantic dates and family brunches. Nowadays hoteliers know that any hotel guests prefer to dine with local people who call the city their home. Their thinking is logical and simple: if Muscovites chose SAVVA among a large variety of restaurants in the capital, then it is indeed The Best restaurant. And every day we do our best to justify their confidence.


The second floor-mezzanine designed for digestives.

Starting from autumn 2015 the second floor of the restaurant will host wine tasting and gastronomic master-classes. Andrey Shmakov, brand chef of the restaurant, will create menu for these events, and sommelier Vitaliy Muzychenko and other friends of the restaurant will work on the wine list.

SAVVA has already become a popular spot for hosting various events: we celebrated the Swedish Midsummer holiday, welcomed famous chefs from all over the world, and this is just the beginning.
If you don’t want to miss an event taking place in the heart of Moscow, stay tuned and check the restaurant’s page in Facebook and its website (section News).


Terrace of SAVVA restaurant is open the entire warm season. The view from here is magnificent, so no wonder it has become an iconic spot.

Sitting in the peace and quiet behind white curtains, you feel breathing of Moscow and the rhythm of city life all around you. The terrace offers a less formal and a more personal view of the Bolshoi Theatre, the Historical Museum and the spacious Teatralnaya Square. It is a perfect spot for observing people passing by – famous characters of Moscow life, visitors, and most certainly your friends and acquaintances. This place is beyond doubt one of the most charismatic spots in the centre of Moscow that you wouldn’t want to leave. And while it is still warm in the capital, terrace of the SAVVA restaurant will be open offering various gastronomic specialities to its guests and inviting them to fashionable parties.


Andrey Shmakov

Brand chef

Andrey Shmakov became a brand chef of Metropol in 2013. Before that he worked on European cruise liners, in Tallinn restaurants Cathedral and Le Bonaparte, and in restaurants in the Grand Hotel and Radisson SAS. Andrey was a chef in a prestigious restaurants Ribe and Kadriorg and launched Lapland Restaurant in St. Petersburg, which was one of the first restaurants of the new Nordic cuisine in Russia. Andrey got on-the-job training in the legendary restaurants of Scandinavian cuisine: Noma in Copenhagen and Chez Dominique in Helsinki. In 2014, when the current premises of SAVVA were occupied by Simple Place restaurant, Andrey Shmakov cherished the concept of a new restaurant offering festive, and yet clear and laconic cuisine with friendly and intelligent service. SAVVA emerged as a result of this idea – a new elegant place with respect for centuries-long traditions of Moscow and the Metropol and for modern trends.

Dmitry Fedorov


To join the team of SAVVA restaurant Dmitry moved to Moscow from Tallinn, Estonia where he had worked as the sous chef in popular Ribe and Cru gastronomic venues. Dmitry has also spent some time in the kitchens of London, including The Berkley hotel, with the culinary legend Pierre Koffman.
In 2014 Dmitry was named the Chef of the Year in Estonia, and in 2015 he was part of the team representing Estonia in Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon. Dmitry has the utmost respect for local produce and knows how to make you fall in love with Russian cuisine.